EQR Solution

April, 2014, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a NOPR announcing the change to filing Electric Quarterly Reports (EQR).
Systrends devleoped eFileEQR to meet the FERC filing requirements for EQR. There are many advantages to using Systrends software instead of the online version on ferc.gov. 
eFileEQR advantages over FERC software:
  • Contains complete validation of all errors - exceeding FERC sandbox validation
  • Contains business rule validations (super-checks) for contract and transaction data--to avoid errors that may pass FERC software validation--to ensure a fully-compliant EQR filing
  • Generates a complete validation report that contains an explanation of errors, and an easy click-through option for quick correction and for batch corrections
  • Generates a filing and validation in less time than FERC’s web service, providing faster submission to FERC
  • Provides integrated section documents including metadata and outline
  • Uploads preferred XML format directly to FERC
  • Offers eFileEQR Cloud Service which provides secure, 24-hour access to eliminate down time during busy filing days
Contact eqrsupport@systrends.com to set up an online demonstration