Hosting Options

Systrends offers a variety of ways to host its web-based applications. Whether your company files large, complex filings or small, simple filings there is a hosting solution that can fit your needs.
eTariffManager Service Options:
eTariff Pay-Per-Use 
Systrends’ Pay-Per-Use option is available with eTariffManager. Pay-Per-Use is an eTariff web-based solution that allows companies to log in to their own private eTariffManager site to create filings and generate XML to file with FERC. This application allows you to create, manage, and store all your tariff filings in one place. It is easy to use and economical, whether your organization files tariffs once a year or several times each month. Pay-Per-Use allows your organization to pay only for the XMLs you generate.
eTariff Pay-Per-Filing 
Systrends’ Pay-Per-Filing option allows us to create filings for you. We use your formatted documents to create FERC-defined XML, and provide you with everything you need to successfully submit your filings to FERC. Systrends will upload, create, store, and archive all your filings, so you will always have a backup. Service is available for eTariff or 549D filings. [b]eTariff License Purchase[/b] Systrends’ License Purchase option is also available with eTariffManager. With this option, the software is either installed onsite or hosted by Systrends.