The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) is the voice of Ontario's local electricity utilities, the publicly and privately owned companies that safely and reliably deliver electricity to millions Ontario homes, businesses and public institutions. We provide analysis, networking opportunities, and a collective voice on issues vital to our members' business success.
Our members operate within local and regional service territories across the province. And while private investment plays a growing role in the sector, they are predominantly owned by local municipalities.
  • Leveraging our unique depth of distribution-related expertise, we provide members with: 
  • Up-to-date, expert analysis of relevant legislation and market rules, with a particular focus on regulation 
  • Networking opportunities for communication with professional and industry colleagues  
  • Advocacy and representation in the legislative and regulatory environment and the electricity market in Ontario 
EDA activities and policies are also consistently informed by a consideration of how customer interests – and the need to ensure the long-term sustainability of our electricity system – can best be advanced.
Energy Compliance Consulting helps utilities comply with FERC regulations, focusing on the Electric Quarterly Reports. Services include:
Electric Quarterly Report Consulting:
♦ Quick, off-site assessments of your company's EQR filings
♦ EQR filing guidance-interpretation of FERC Order Nos. 2001 through 2001-I
♦ EQR training
FERC Audit Support:
♦ Work with your company's legal, regulatory, compliance and technical staff to respond to FERC data requests.
FERC compliance training and assessments:
♦ Standards of Conduct Compliance
♦ Market Behavior / Anti-Manipulation Rules
♦ Order Nos. 697, 697-A, 697-B and 697-C (Market-Based Rates for Wholesale Sales of Electricity) Compliance
♦ Order Nos. 890, 890-A, and 890-B (Preventing Undue Discrimination and Preference in Transmission Service) Compliance
♦ Order Nos. 707 and 707-A (Cross-Subsidization Restrictions on Affiliate Transactions) Compliance
Creation or enhancement of FERC Compliance Programs:
♦ Identify gaps or weaknesses in your FERC compliance program
♦ Assess organizational options
♦ Address staffing issues
♦ Develop compliance manuals

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